JCD Industry development trend of optical lens technology (Automotive Lens)
JCD Industry development trend of optical lens technology (Automotive Lens)
Automotive Lens

Automotive lens, optical lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light. Optical Lenses, which may consist of a single or multiple elements.


The latest industry development trend of optical lens technology in 2021

Explore each type to determine which lens is appropriate for capturing the image that communicates the message you are trying to convey.

With the advancement of science and technology, the application of optical lenses has gone out of the traditional camera and glasses market. As people's demand for high-quality optical lenses is growing at an alarming rate, the global optical lens market may show significant growth in the near future. . Optical lenses have a variety of shapes, from spherical, achromatic, objective, meniscus, aspheric to cylindrical, and their applications are mainly divided into two major areas, industrial and consumer. The industrial market is mainly used for machine vision measurement of mechanical parts, plastics Parts measurement and other aspects. The application range of optical lenses in the consumer market is wider, including professional camera lenses, mobile camera module lenses, security surveillance cameras, automotive lenses and many other fields.


JCDO - Your best optical lens solution provider for drone Lens, automotive lens, ToF lens and AI and security lens


JCDO offers many different types of megapixel lenses, from fisheye lenses to ultra-wide angles to telephoto lenses. Our five product application modules include: Automotive Lens, AI and Security Lens, ToF Lens, Drone Lens and Other Lens


1.Automotive Lens


JCDO is an OEM supplier of high-performance lenses for vehicles. We provide low-glare and ghost lenses for HDR CMOS imagers, miniature fisheye lenses, and lenses that can reduce optical distortion. Many well-known brands in the world use JCDO automotive lenses.


Automotive lens, fisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.


JCDO uses knowledge and technology to develop proprietary materials and test functions, from concept to design, manufacturing and end-of-life, to meet the challenges of design and manufacturing of automotive vision lenses at all stages of the product life cycle and ensure that they are met in the mass production process Requirements for all control points. We can support IMDS and end of life requirements


Product Category:

Rear-view lenses, forward-facing lenses, surround-view lenses, lenses for emerging applications


A fisheye is an extreme wide angle lens that produces a 180° degree field of view with the intent to create panoramic or hemispherical images.


2.AI and Security Lens


JCDO vertically integrates intelligent hardware and software, and AI is vertically integrated into security control equipment. In addition to collecting and analyzing statistical information, the artificial intelligence security camera module also has the ability of in-depth self-learning and can analyze the collected images in a large amount. , It has a built-in image recognition system with the ability to recognize different events. It can learn to recognize objects and events in the image, such as: people, cars, fires, guns, assemblies, and intrusions. After countless deep learning, the system Gradually learn to identify more complex objects and events, and report them to relevant departments immediately, so as to shorten the rescue time and effectively reduce criminal activities.


3.ToF Lens (Time-of-flight camera)


With the widespread development of digital imaging technology, more and more applications use cameras as sensors. ToF camera technology has appeared in various mobile phone products and has become a bright spot for taking pictures. It uses time-of-flight technology to measure the round-trip time of artificial light. To confirm the distance of each image point between the camera and the subject.


With the support of ToF technology, from depth-of-field measurement to motion capture, smart phones can take better blurred photos and turn them into somatosensory game consoles. It has also begun to use VR/AR gesture interaction, automotive electronic ADAS, and safety. It plays an important role in monitoring and new retail, and its application prospects are very promising.


Features of ToF camera


1. Simple and compact, there are no moving parts inside, the lighting unit is close to the lens

2. It can process up to 160 images per second, which is faster than other 3D laser scanning

3. Regardless of whether the object has obvious characteristics, it does not care about the strength or weakness of the ambient light, and it has strong adaptability to various environments

4. Accurate distance sensing in centimeters

5. Low energy consumption in computing


4.Drone Lens


The UAV industry is an emerging high-tech industry, covering from R&D, manufacturing to use. The applications of UAV cameras for UAVs include: UAV (aircraft unmanned aerial vehicle), UGV (land UAV and robot), USV ( Water drones) cameras, lens types include: high-definition cameras, embedded cameras, thermal imaging cameras, infrared camera sensors and image capture systems.


JCDO is an advanced developer of high-resolution optical lens imaging systems. It can complete various applications and provide efficient and multi-functional aerial imaging tasks. It is suitable for mapping and surveying, industrial inspection, military, scientific research, agriculture and forestry, electric power, transportation, meteorology And many other industries.


Our goal is to give you the options to get the best results in your work either as a serious or a hobbyist car photographer.


5.Other Lens


If the above application does not mention your current actual needs, please contact us, we can provide tailor-made services for your individual needs


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