JCD | The Best Optical Lens Provider (ToF lens)
JCD | The Best Optical Lens Provider (ToF lens)
TOF Lens

JCD provides the best solution of optical lens technology for latest drone lens, automotive lens,TOF lens, AI and security lens in 2021 

In the super mobile era of the Internet, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Vehicles, optical perception plays an important role as a window to the soul, mainly focusing on innovative applications of life styles, such as: Automotive Lens,AI and Security Lens, ToF Lens, Drone Lens.. and so on. Related technologies have certain barriers to entry. How to choose a trustworthy supply chain technology partner is a serious issue for related product brands.  In terms of development, Germany and Japan are pioneers in optical technology. From the perspective of market development, the Greater China optical market has unlimited business opportunities. In terms of technology, market and electronics industry clusters, JCDO, headquartered in Taiwan, would be an ideal  Strategic Choice.

A ToF lens can be used to measure distance and volume, as well as for object scanning, indoor navigation, obstacle avoidance, gesture recognition, object tracking, and reactive altimeters. Data from the sensor can also help with 3D imaging and improving augmented reality (AR) experiences

JCDO is a professional supplier that produces a variety of optical and injection lenses. It inherits the craftsmanship of Japanese optical technology. Based on the East Asian market, it has ISO/TS international certification. It has successful cases of cooperation and development with many well-known international companies.  If you are looking for a suitable solution, we will be your reliable technology partner. JCDO's professional R&D and manufacturing team insists on perfection in every detail. Through strict product quality management, we can enjoy it among customers all over the world.  good reputation.  JCDO’s corporate culture focuses on customer satisfaction. Our business philosophy is to lead the industry in insight into future trends, deploy innovative technology research and development in advance to seize market opportunities, and establish a systematic staff skills training system to provide customers with the highest quality products and  Service to create maximum value.

 JCDO's technical capabilities for the latest optical lens

JCDO has the most advanced optical production and testing complete equipment in Europe, the United States and Japan, as well as experienced optical engineers to support customers' specific product design and application requirements.  We formulate a lens quality test plan and send the lenses to a professional laboratory for testing.  Our goal is to make all lenses manufactured to the highest quality standards.  We have been committed to discovering new healthy optical technology for a long time in pursuit of advanced technology and high-quality products.
JCDO offers many different types of megapixel lenses, from fisheye lenses to ultra-wide angles to telephoto lenses.  Our five product application modules include: Automotive Lens, AI and Security Lens, ToF Lens, Drone Lens and Other Lens
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