JCD : The best high precision module provider for lens (Drone Lens)
JCD : The best high precision module provider for lens (Drone Lens)
Drone Lens

JCDO : The best high precision optical lens and module provider for drone lens, automotive lens, ToF lens, AI and security lens, wearable sport  lens,  panoramic camera lens

Flying a drone gives you a unique vantage point, and adding a drone lens to your drone changes the aspect ratio you capture that perspective with. Between the aspect ratio and the character of the glass, adding this lens to your kit is the most impactful way to transform your drone footage.

Use a Automotive Lens with a wide aperture. Wide apertures let in more light, so you can keep your shutter speed up and reduce motion blur.

A ToF Lens can be used to measure distance and volume, as well as for object scanning, indoor navigation, obstacle avoidance, gesture recognition, object tracking, and reactive altimeters.

Security Lens use different types of lenses to record surveillance video, from a fixed lens to a zoom lens or varifocal lens.

JCDO constantly strives to develop different series of products, providing customers with high-precision optical lenses and application modules in various fields, from automobiles, lens wearable sports devices, drone lens, panoramic camera lenses, and other types of lenses. With the release of G5 and the beginning of the people’s life circle, the AI ​​market is lively and novel. In addition to on-site simulation of vehicle modules, JCDO also maintains independent research and development of RGB Fixed Lens and Top drone Lens module on-site operation simulation.


JCDO's technical capabilities


JCDO has the most advanced optical production and testing complete equipment in Europe, the United States and Japan, as well as experienced optical engineers to support customers' specific product design and application requirements. We formulate a lens quality test plan and send the lenses to a professional laboratory for testing. Our goal is to make all lenses manufactured to the highest quality standards. We have been committed to discovering new healthy optical technology for a long time in pursuit of advanced technology and high-quality products.


  • Assembly Line
  • Clean room area: 3000
  • Cleanness level: Class 100K,1000,100
  • Employees: 600
  • Monthly production capacity: 2KK-3KK/Monthly
  • Automatic equipment: assembly machine, 5-axis focusing machine, glue dispenser, lens front cover locking machine, air leak checker


Automation equipment


QA/Reliability Test


UA3P aspheric measuring instrument, Mitsutoyo 2.5 dimensional, Zeiss 3 dimensional measuring instrument, tool microscope, laser collimator, two-dimensional high-speed projection, dimension measuring instrument, TRIOPTICS eccentricity instrument


QA/reliability test:

IP9K waterproof test machine, thermostat, vibration test machine, noise meter, noise test box, Flare/Ghost test room, drop test machine, thermal shock test machine


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JCD Optical Corporation Limited

Tel: 86-20-8208-2852

E-mail: JCD_Service@jcdo.com



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